We are one of the charcoal brands with the most extensive experience on the Spanish market, the result of the merger of several associated companies –with a business relationship that dates back to 1934– who joined forces to create GOLDENGRILL

A company that brings together experience, professionalism and quality, a group of product manufacturing, packaging and marketing experts with a strong presence in industrial, food service and large-scale distribution markets in Spain, Europe and the US through both our customers brands and our own: CARBOMAD

Such long-term success in the industry is no coincidence but rather the result of our dedication and hard work in providing outstanding service and loyalty to our clients. Together with our ongoing search for improvements and innovation, we are able to offer the most reliable and highest-quality products based on continuous collaboration with our customers and the utmost respect for the environment.

GOLDENGRILL holds the ISO-9001 certification, which regulates the quality and presentation of our product and our production process. International service from and to any country in the world, with the origin and quality the customer needs. Professionalism , service, support and constant advice to our clients, solving ability and innovation and an obsession for quality, from selecting the wood to use up to packaging and labeling.

So many years of experience in the manufacturing of hardwood charcoal have led us to using all types of systems:

- Ground Ovens (old)

- Firebrick Ovens

- Hornos de ladrillo refractarios

- Half orange Ovens (Latin America)

- Lambiotte Electric Ovens

The experience of having produced hardwood charcoal with all types of ovens gives us the knowledge of which is the best and highest performance charcoal for each type of client. There are no misteries to us in reference to hardwood charcoal.


We offer 48 hour delivery over the whole peninsula. For international shipping, the cargo is immediately loaded right on the same day of the order, making the maritime transportation process easier for our clients, as well as getting the best shipping fares for them, since we hold agreements with all major maritime shipping companies in the world.


We are specialists in this market, and have a large market share in Spain as well as in France, Germany, and United Kingdom. Our Company is equipped with the best facilities for product selection, packing and palletization, with a totally automated process, which leads to a total guarantee of the packed product in terms of lump size control, weight and palletization. Our facilities allow us to continuously keep a permanent inventory of more than 3,000 thousand tons.


Our Company is a leader in this sector, as we have been supplying to major steakhouses and restaurants in Spain and Europe foro ver 50 years. The supply of this product is made in bags of 10 and 15 kg. The hardwood charcoal for restaurants has a higher particle size and is made from hard, not sparking Woods, allowing a much greater performance at the time of grilling, with the consequent economic savings for the restaurant/ steakhouse
The result of the merger of several associated companies –with a business relationship that dates back to 1934– who joined forces to create GOLDENGRILL


Pioneer in the charcoal sector


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